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Ashford and St Peters NHS Foundation Trust aspire to put patients first with the highest standard of clinical competence and corporate behaviour, ensuring that safe, fair and equitable procedures are applied.

The consumption of even the smallest amount of alcohol or drug misuse may greatly affect employee’s judgement and efficiency at work and therefore the Trust operates a strict zero tolerance to alcohol, illegal drugs and substances. Employees must therefore not consume alcohol or misuse drugs whilst on duty or on Trust premises.



To provide a policy and procedure for dealing with situations of alcohol and drugs abuse which is fair to individual members of staff as well as protecting the safety of colleagues and patients.



For the purpose of this policy, alcohol and drugs misuse is defined as the inappropriate use of alcohol, drugs and other substances, causing impaired judgement and performance.



  • Issues will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively within the limits of what is practical and the law
  • Staff with alcohol and drug misuse problems will be encouraged to seek and accept appropriate counselling and or treatment
  • Managers will be supportive to staff who are experiencing problems and undergoing counselling or treatment
  • Issues which have caused are causing or are likely to cause a risk to the health and safety of colleagues or patients will be addressed.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Assistant Director of Workforce and Organisational Development
Ratified by: Trust Board
Date Ratified: January 2017
Date Issued: February 2017
Review Date: May 2020
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Assistant Director of Workforce and Organisational Development


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