Control of Infection Policies


Title Last Review Next Review
Admission, Transfer and Discharge Policy for the Infected Patient Oct-17 Oct-19
Aseptic Technique Policy Jul-17 Jul-20
Blood Culture Policy for Adults Jun-16 Jun-19
Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) May-16 May-19
Care of tunnelled central venous access devices (HICC) May-16 May-18
Central Venous Catheter Care Policy Mar-18 Mar-20
CJD Aug-17 Mar-19
Cleaning and Disinfection Policy Aug-17 Aug-19
Clostridium Difficile Diarrhoea May-17 Nov-19
Control of Tuberculosis in Hospital Oct-17 Sep-19
Elective Joint Replacement Urinalysis Pre-operative Assessment Policy Aug-16 Aug-17
Glove Policy Apr-16 Apr-19
Glycopeptide Resistant Enterococci Jan-17 Jan-19
Hand Hygiene Policy for Healthcare Workers Aug-17 May-19
Infection Control input into design construction and renovation projects Apr-16 Apr-19
Infestation Policy Sep-16 Sep-19
Introduction to Infection Prevention Control Apr-16 Apr-19
Isolation Policy Dec-16 Sep-18
Last Offices for the Infectious Adult Patient Apr-16 Apr-19
Linen Policy Apr-16 Apr-18
Management of Diarrhoea and Vomiting Apr-16 Apr-18
Meningococcal Disease Jul-17 Jul-19
MRSA Policy Aug-17 Aug-19
Multi Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli Mar-17 Mar-19
Notification of Infectious Diseases Policy May-17 May-19
Outbreak Policy Dec-16 Dec-19
Peripherally Inserted Central Line (PICC) Care Policy Apr-16 Apr-18
Peripheral Venous Catheter Care Policy for Adults Apr-16 Apr-18
Respiratory Viruses Policy Apr-18 Apr-21
Safe Handling and Disposal of Sharps Apr-16 Apr-18
Short Term Indwelling Urinary Catheters Apr-16 Apr-19
Spillage of Blood and Body Fluids Apr-16 Apr-18
Standard Precautions Policy Apr-16 Apr-18
Surgical Site Infection Prevention Treatment Apr-16 Apr-18
Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers Apr-17 Dec-18