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Aim and Purpose

This policy applies to all employees under Medical and Dental Terms and Conditions.

To provide a framework for managers and staff in relation to the requesting, approving and taking of annual leave and to ensure that staff are treated fairly and consistently in relation to leave while ensuring service provision.



For Consultant (new contract), Associate Specialist (new contract) and Specialty Doctor posts, the full time contract is 10 Programmed Activities (PAs). For Consultant (old contract) and Associate Specialist (old contract) posts, the whole time contract is 11 Notional Half Days (NHDs). Consultants and Associate Specialists holding maximum part-time contracts are paid the equivalent of 10 NHDs, but are still considered to be whole-time for annual leave entitlement purposes. For Hospital Practitioners and Clinical Assistants, posts shall be limited to a maximum of 5 NHDs each week. For a Staff Grade post the whole time contract is 10 sessions. For practitioners in the training grades, Clinical Fellows and Trust Grades the whole time contract (excluding any on-call) is 40 hours per week. Members of staff working Additional Programmed Activities or additional sessions/NHDs do not accrue additional entitlements to annual leave over and above the full time allocation set out above.

For members of staff working part time, the full time entitlement must be pro-rated in accordance with their contracted PAs/Sessions/NHDs.

In addition to annual leave entitlement, employees are entitled to the number of paid General Public holidays in the financial year. In the case of all part time staff this entitlement is pro rata to the fulltime allowance. The calculation of this entitlement is always proportional to the number of basic contracted hours worked. In this way all employees have a fair and equitable, static entitlement rather than eligibility based solely on the normal days of work which would result in some part-time employees never receiving the benefit of General Public Holidays unless they fall on their normal days of work.

It is expected that staff will take annual leave in full days. Where it is possible and the needs of the service allow, staff may take annual leave in ½ days

It is expected that staff will spread their leave evenly across DCC and SPA/Fixed and Flexible sessions and across all days worked in the week e.g. it would not be acceptable to take an unreasonably higher proportion of time off from clinical commitments or certain days of the week.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Human Resources Team
Ratified by: Trust Executive Committee
Date Ratified: October 2014
Date Issued: December 2014
Review Date: October 2017
Target Audience: All Medical Staff
Managers of Medical Staff
Contact name: Human Resources Team


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