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This policy ensures that the Trust is able to deliver excellent healthcare services to our patients with professionally qualified and registered staff in roles where registration with a regulatory body is a requirement.

This policy provides assurance for patients and the public that the staff treating them are providing safe, effective healthcare of the highest quality. The policy provides clear guidelines for staff and managers on checking and renewing professional registrations. It is the responsibility of all professionally registered staff to ensure that their registration is valid.

All professionally qualified clinical staff must, by law, register with the appropriate regulatory body (see appendix 1). In order to ensure all professional clinical staff are appropriately registered to undertake the posts to which they have been appointed, individuals will be required to provide evidence of their registration at interview, prior to commencement of employment and during their employment with the Trust.

In order to protect patients, no professional member of staff will be allowed to work in a professional capacity unless fully qualified and registered with the appropriate regulatory body. Professional appointments will be made subject to registration with the appropriate body.

The requirement for professional registration for any particular post will be identified in the person specification. It is a contractual condition that the healthcare professional has appropriate registration throughout their employment.

Registration details will be recorded on the Trust’s Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and are updated automatically from professional body websites. ESR will provide alerts to line managers and HR team of registrations due to lapse/lapsed. The Trust will monitor registrations by regular monthly checks on ESR, and cross-reference against registration body websites. 1.7 Staff without professional registration, or with lapsed professional registration will be suspended from professional duties, may be subject to nil pay during the lapsed period and may be subject to disciplinary action. 1.8 This policy forms part of Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s commitment to create a positive culture of respect for all individuals including staff, patients, their families and carers as well as community partners. The intention is to identify, remove or minimise discriminatory practice in the areas of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, ‘religion, belief, faith and spirituality’, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity as well as to promote positive practice and value the diversity of all individuals and communities.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Colleen Sherlock, Head of Workforce Planning and Intelligence
Ratified by:  Trust Executive Committee
Date Ratified: March 2020
Date Issued: March 2020
Review Date: March 2021
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Colleen Sherlock, Head of Workforce Planning and Intelligence


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