Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) aims to provide prompt, high quality treatment and care where it is needed. ASPH is committed to ensuring its resources are used appropriately and efficiently, and it follows that any misuse of resources must be identified and ceased immediately.

The Board is committed to the elimination of any bribery, fraud and corruption within the organisation and to the rigorous investigation of any such cases. One of the basic principles of public sector organisations is the proper use of public funds and this would include assets bought through public funds.



ASPH requires all staff to act honestly and with integrity and to safeguard the organisation. It is the responsibility of all staff to read and be familiar with the contents of this policy and related procedures, and to identify and notify any suspected case or risk of fraud, corruption or bribery.

This policy applies to the following:

  • All staff engaged by ASPH, including Board, Executive and Non-Executive Members
  • Bank and agency staff working for ASPH
  • Staff providing services to ASPH via a contracted arrangement or Service Level Agreement
  • Staff on honorary contracts whose payroll costs are partially or fully funded by a third party under a formal arrangement
  • Trainee professional and students hosted by ASPH for the provision of work or vocational experience


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Local Counter Fraud Specialist
Ratified by: Trust Board Audit Committee
Date Ratified: January 2018
Date Issued: March 2018
Review Date: January 2019
Target Audience: All Staff
Contact name: Local Counter Fraud Specialist