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ASPH requires high standards of corporate and personal conduct based on recognition that patients / service users come first.

There are three crucial values which must underpin the work of ASPH.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: everything done by those who work in ASPH must be able to stand the tests of scrutiny, public judgments on propriety and professional codes of conduct
  • PROBITY: absolute honesty and integrity should be exercised in dealing with those using ASPH services, assets, staff, suppliers and contractors.
  • OPENNESS: ASPH activities should be sufficiently public and transparent to promote confidence between the organisation and its patients / service users, staff and the public.

Neither staff, their families nor friends must profit in any way from their employment within ASPH apart from their salary and other entitlements.

Staff must declare any interests which may prejudice their requirement to act honestly and fairly at all times.

Staff must be seen to be honest and incorruptible in their dealings with colleagues, patients / service users, other persons or organisations.



2.1 ASPH requires all staff to act honestly and with integrity and to safeguard the organisation. It is the responsibility of all staff to read and be familiar with the contents of this policy and related procedures, and to identify and notify any suspected case or risk of fraud, corruption or bribery.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Local Counter Fraud Specialist
Ratified by: Trust Board Audit Sub-Committee
Date Ratified: April 2020
Date Issued: May 2020
Review Date: April 2021
Target Audience: All Staff
Contact name: Local Counter Fraud Specialist