Organisational Policies


Title Last Review Next Review
Being Open Policy Nov-14 May-15
Central Alert System (CAS) Policy Oct-14 Oct-17
Clinical Effectiveness and Audit Strategy 2012-2017 Apr-14 Mar-17
Clinical Procurement and Introduction of New Products Policy Aug-17 Aug-20
Committee and Group Policy Feb-14 Feb-17
Communication and Engagement Strategy 2013 - 2016 Jun-13 Jun-16
Concerns and Complaints Policy May-15 May-18
Dealing with the police and other public bodies Jun-10 Jun-13
Education, Learning, and Development Policy May-15 May-18
Freedom to Speak Up: Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing) Policy Mar-17 Mar-20
Gifts and Hospitality Policy Mar-16 Mar-19
Handling difficult or unreasonable complainants Oct-14 Oct-16
Handling the Media Policy Nov-14 Nov-16
Induction Policy Dec-10 Aug-13
Management of Complaint Files Oct-14 Sep-17
Managing and Responding to External Agency Visits Mar-13 Mar-16
National Guidance Monitoring Framework Oct-16 Oct-19
Organisational Development and Workforce Strategy 2010-2014 Jan-10 Jan-14
PALS Policy Jan-13 Dec-15
Policy Writing and Ratification Dec-13 Dec-16
Publication and Provision of Patient Information Nov-14 Nov-16
QSIA Policy Nov-16 Jun-18
Quality Safety and Risk Management Strategy Oct-12 Sep-17
Records Management Policy Nov-14 Dec-16
Register of Interests Policy Sep-14 Sep-16
Reimbursement of Expenses Dec-13 Dec-15
Remedy Policy Nov-13 Nov-16
Retention of radiology transitory record Jul-17 Jul-20
Safe Staffing Escalation for In-patient Areas Policy Nov-15 Nov-18
Scheme of Delegation Oct-16 Oct-17
Self Assessment against CQC Standards Jun-13 Jun-16
Standing Financial Instructions Oct-16 Oct-17
Standing Orders Mar-17 Mar-18
Supplier Representatives Policy Sep-15 Sep-17
Use of Social Media Policy Dec-16 Nov-19
Witnessing documents for patients policy Nov-14 Nov-17