To lead and enable Trust-wide commitment to continuous progression in clinical effectiveness and professional development with the aim of improving patient care.


Executive Summary

Clinical effectiveness and clinical audit are central to the delivery of the clinical governance agenda, supporting continuous improvement in patient care and continuous professional development.

This document sets out the strategy for clinical effectiveness and audit for Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This strategy supports the Trust’s strategic objectives for quality transformation through education, learning and improvement. One key focal area for the Trust is participation and submission to GIRFT studies. The Trust values, the ‘4Ps’ are emphasised together with the priorities and processes for continuous development of clinical effectiveness and audit within the Trust.


The strategy outlines three main goals of commitment, communication and coordination and recommends nine main objectives to achieve these goals:

  1. Establish commitment
  2. Promote clinical effectiveness and audit
  3. Establish formal communication and reporting processes
  4. Achieve centralised strategic direction
  5. Achieve focus on quality of clinical audit
  6. Implement a planned clinical audit programme that responds to national and local priorities
  7. Encourage involvement of patients and the public
  8. Provide advice and support on clinical effectiveness and audit
  9. Monitor and evaluate processes, systems and mechanisms


These objectives are translated into action with criteria for successful implementation proposed.

It is essential that each area takes responsibility for their own programme of clinical audit and effectiveness and that this is securely linked to the trust clinical governance agenda and key trust objectives. Division, specialty and senior management commitment and strong communication links with the Clinical Effectiveness and National Audit Review Group and the Trust Quality Governance Committee are essential for success of this strategy.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Head of Clinical Effectiveness
Ratified by: Management Board, Executive Group
Date Ratified: April 2018
Date Issued: April 2018
Review Date: July 2022
Target Audience: All Clinical Staff
Contact name: Ann Spiropoulos, Head of Clinical Effectiveness


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