In this section, you can read the news articles published during the year.


17/01/2005 Valentine’s Ball
17/01/2005 Clean Your Hands Campaign Launched
19/01/2005 Planning Permission Sought
02/02/2005 Good Progress on Agenda for Change
04/02/2005 NICU Refurbishment Going Well
07/02/2005 Chief Nursing Officer at Ashford Hospital
08/02/2005 Successful Patient Panel
09/02/2005 98% A&E Target Hit
14/02/2005 ASPH Supports Surrey Skills Festival
15/02/2005 Essence of Care Conference Success
21/02/2005 New NHS Playscheme opens at Ashford
25/02/2005 Oxygen Tanks in place at St. Peter’s
07/03/2005 Lets Get Quacking
07/03/2005 Diabetes Appeal goes Oriental
07/03/2005 ‘Think Clean’ Initiative a Success
15/03/2005 Business Case for NHS Changes Published
16/03/2005 Statement re Chobham Incident
24/03/2005 Staff Numbers Increased
24/03/2005 Barclays Donation to Ashford Hospital
04/04/2005 A&E Tsunami Aid for Sri Lanka
12/04/2005 When Harry met Sally for Stephanie
15/04/2005 Devizes to Westminster for Appeal
15/04/2005 Travelling to the Hospitals
28/04/2005 Ian Botham hits Diabetes for Six
03/05/2005 Radio Wey does well in National Awards
03/05/2005 National Breastfeeding Awareness Week
24/05/2005 £36k Boost for Appeal
31/05/2005 Sarah Runs for Stephanie
01/06/2005 Coterminus Degree Launched
03/06/2005 Eyes Right “Riverside Ramble”
03/06/2005 Development Day
07/06/2005 Challenging Targets Met
07/06/2005 Mountain Rescue go the Whole Hog
08/06/2005 National Diabetes Week
08/06/2005 Volunteers Celebration Evening
08/06/2005 Radiology Runners
08/06/2005 Chris Tarrant visits SPH
09/06/2005 Supporting Breathe Easy Week
13/06/2005 Trust Recruitment Event
13/06/2005 Friends Move into New Café and Shop
15/06/2005 Don’t throw away your cartridges
15/06/2005 Sarah Runs for Stephanie
15/06/2005 Dr Foster shows Trust Efficiency
16/06/2005 Trust Welcomes Acinetobacter Guidance
17/06/2005 Hospital Executive Team Changes
21/06/2005 Summer BBQ at Warren Lodge
22/06/2005 Ashford League of Friends badge on E-bay
23/06/2005 Trust to take further action to reduce infection rates
23/06/2005 Eamonn Holmes opens new entrance
27/06/2005 Bishops Visit
28/06/2005 Wound Management Formulary Launched
05/07/2005 Countess of Wessex Opens Neonatal ICU
08/07/2005 Local Health Service Responds to Major Incident In London
08/07/2005 Vangelis supports Hospital Radio Wey
15/07/2005 Trust responds to Healthcare Commission re maternity service
22/07/2005 Stephanie Appeal at Communique Awards
26/07/2005 Three Stars for Ashford and St. Peters
01/08/2005 Ashford Hospital Treatment Centre draws nearer
01/08/2005 Balfour Beatty 1m man hours gives A&E £1,000
01/08/2005 Hospital Radio Quiz Night
05/08/2005 Bike Shelters at St. Peter's Hospital opened
10/08/2005 Cross Channel Swimmer
17/08/2005 Finance Statement
24/08/2005 Music in the Atrium
25/08/2005 Sian Thomas to leave Ashford and St Peters
26/08/2005 Dickens Ward is MRSA free zone
26/08/2005 Statement re Clostridium Difficile
12/09/2005 Inaugural Lecture
16/09/2005 NHS Careers Day
20/09/2005 Hansel and Gretel Support Diabetes Appeal
26/09/2005 Radio Wey Celebrates 40 Years
13/10/2005 Three Legs raised funds for Diabetes
24/10/2005 Victoria Wine Halloween Extravaganza
08/11/2005 World Diabetes Day
16/11/2005 Non-Executive Directors Appointed
28/11/2005 Wordsworth Ward Formally Opened
02/12/2005 Hansel and Gretel Raise Funds for Diabetes