Take the girls at Radio Wey, tell them you need to raise funds for a new studio and what do you get? A lot of chat and a really good idea … The recently launched, online magazine www.radioweyonline.co.uk which promotes and features all that is good about the Local Community is adding a major new fundraising idea. The Chertsey based radio station www.radiowey.co.ukwill be operating a great new LOCAL AUCTION site! www.ewey.co.uk - further enhancing their fast growing community presence. All you need to do is simply log-on, select an item and tell us how much you want to pay.

Star presenters, Charli' Burden, Mandy Morrow, Fran O’Driscoll, Nicci Brighten, and a host of others will be out and about in your area working with the 'local' community & business to bring great products & services to the site. Funds raised from the site will be used to help maintain the Hospital Radio service, increase the awareness of listening via the internet atwww.radiowey.co.uk and the future of the station.

Having recently celebrated 40 years of Hospital Radio broadcasting and the opening of a new studio at St. Peters Hospital, Stuart Jones the Chairman of Radio Wey is a proud man. Speaking specifically about the magazine he says “Contributors to the online magazine can use whatever medium they feel most comfortable working in, from written text to sound recordings, animations to video. Articles will range from recipes, gardening and local sport through to arts, entertainment and even a kidzzone. The choice is yours.” He went on to explain “This is a great way to develop all that is good about the local area and will broaden the horizons of those that are already using the internet to communicate. It will also help raise your profile if you are a local person or business looking to go forward via the media of internet.”

Programme Controller, Mike Atkinson adds “I want to encourage everybody to have a go at producing an article about your passion, hobby or business and submitting it to us. You never know what talent you may discover it can lead to a future income and who knows where that might lead. Our aim is to place your content on the various platforms we have and will be music to the ears of our listeners and readers”.

The networking website www.radioweyonline.co.uk will generate revenue by sponsorship from socially aware corporate business wishing to promote their brand by association. In addition it will gain revenue from local small business and individuals wanting to advertise on relevant pages that will benefit from the Local, National and International exposure. Thus an article on Staines, Chertsey, Woking or Guilford aimed at the weekend events market would contain discreet advertising blocks on places to stay and of interest, local hotels, restaurants and specialist shops, whilst an article about a hobby, such as knitting, would contain advertisements for craft producers, products and books on the subject. Add to this there will be Competitions, Free Draws, What’s On and Where to Go features and so much more.

Keith Tunnicliffe of LarkWeb, who will be providing the management and marketing structure comments “Without a dedicated team building a presence on the internet it is hard for most small business, charity or local organization to maintain their level of attention and Internet Traffic. With our solution, where content is king and social interaction is vital, the level playing field, that originally existed on the internet, is becoming a thing of the past for many businesses. We believe that this new site will help to rebalance the scales.”

Congratulating Radio Wey on the launch of their new £15,000 studio Director of Performance, Information and Facilities at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust said: “For forty years Radio Wey has been serving the local community. Their new studio is impressive and their ideas for the future and how they can expand their services to serve the local community deserve support.”

To get involved with your local community online magazine, visit www.radioweyonline.co.uk