There has been first-class news for the Nursery at Ashford and St. Peter’s, ‘First Steps’; they have been given a ‘Good’ OFSTED report which is excellent for the Nursery and the Trust.

OFSTED have four categories of judging education establishments in the United Kingdom which are: Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory and Inadequate. ‘First Steps’ were assessed as “Good” in the category of providing the children with above average standard of care covering OFSTED’s 14 National Standards.

The report means that the nursery is rated as ‘Good’ for their ability to provide the children with the appropriate learning frameworks such as ‘Birth to Three Matters’ and the ‘Foundation Stage’, as well as their ability as a unit, to present evidence that they meet the criteria concerning ‘Every Child Matters’ which covers five different elements. These components are:

  1. Helping children to be healthy
  2. Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe
  3. Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do
  4. Helping children make a positive contribution
  5. Organisation.

The nursery does not have many staff changes, and this continuity helps them get to know each child and their families extremely well. Out of 28 members of staff, four members of staff have been employed by the nursery for 17 years and the majority of staff have worked there since 2001. This proves that the nursery is an extremely ‘tight-knit’ community and ensures that all members of staff know each child’s personal needs.

Dawn Hunt, Childcare Manager for the Trust explains: “Personally I think that the report reflects what a good team we are, working together to get the job done. We recognise that we, as a unit, work well together with our Parents. This is essential if we are to provide a good, stable service which enables the parents to work knowing that their children are left in safe, capable hands.”

The comments below are taken from the official OFSTED report on the nursery:

  • Children's good health is promoted and protected as the staff have good procedures in place ...
  • Children remain safe at nursery as the staff and managers have a good understanding of safety concerns and risks…
  • Children enjoy their time at nursery, they are happy and settled and quickly become involved in the activities available to them.

The report can be found at the OFSTED website-