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Questions asked in 2005

January 2005

  • Details of vehicles licensed with the DVLA
  • Records and data management policies
  • Current posts employed by the Trust
  • Gender of staff employed by post
  • Do you follow the EOC Code of Practice on Equal Pay?
  • Have you carried out an equal pay audit on your terms and conditions of employment?
  • Do you provide free personal protective equipment to staff?
  • Did the Trust receive an EOC Equal Pay Review Kit?
  • What steps has the Trust taken to implement the EOC Equal Pay Review Kit?
  • Officer responsible for taking the lead in equal opportunities
  • To which posts were bonuses paid in addition to basic (1997 to 2004)?
  • How much were the bonuses as a % of basic pay?
  • What were the conditions of service for entitlement to bonuses?
  • Since when has the bonus scheme been in operation?
  • What steps have been taken in respect of the gender impact of such a bonus scheme?
  • With which union officials have discussed the issue of equal pay?
  • What consideration to the gender impact for employees on Whitley terms and conditions?
  • Do you employ any maintenance labourers?
  • Do you employ any estates officers?
  • Who carries out building maintenance for the Trust?
  • Do you pay any recruitment and retention premia?
  • For which posts have completed local assimilation under Agenda for Change?
  • How do you plan to phase local assimilation - which posts and in which order?
  • Has the Trust ever investigated introducing job evaluation?
  • How much have you oaid external solicitors and counsel (2002 to date)?

February 2005

  • Copies of your Race Equality Scheme, action plan and review
  • Number of contracts rewarded for security, facilities management, CCTV
  • Information regarding possible dispersal of Trust finance department
  • Copy of enclosure L of the 25/11/04 meeting relating to business case
  • Copy of document relating to restructuring of the Estates department
  • ESR (Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate) analysis
  • Urinalysis (urine dipstick testing)

March 2005

  • How many mortuary facilities are operated by your NHS Trust?
  • What is the storage capacity of each mortuary facility?
  • What excess capacity do you have for storage of human remains?
  • How many bodies were stored (2003 to 2005)?
  • Does your Trust retain any human cadavers for medical research or training purposes?
  • What is the longest period that a body / remains have been stored?
  • Does your Trust have a policy on the length of time that bodies are stored?
  • What facilites do you have for the long term storage of human bodies in deep freeze?
  • How many post mortems have taken place within the last 12 months?
  • How many staff are employed within your mortuary facilities?
  • Has your Trust ever used emergency facilities to store human remains?
  • Has your Trust ever used a cold room / chapel / refridgerated container?
  • What training do staff in the mortuary receive in bereavement counselling?
  • How many complaints have been made in respect of mortuary services?
  • Business Continuity Questionnaire

April  2005

  • Ashford Hospital surgical infection rate statistics (from Q1 1999)
  • Organisational structure and contact details for each department

May 2005

  • Contact for Clinical Director of Gastroenterology
  • Copy of most recent Annual Report
  • Copies of the full text of the relevant merger consent letters (since 1997)
  • Contacts for finance departmental leads
  • Copy of all information relating to parent (computer, paper and other media)
  • Contracts, maintenance agreements or standing orders for surgical instruments

June 2005

  • Expenditure on ICT (2004/05 and 2005/06)
  • Copy of assessment of patient made by A&E sister
  • Copy of MRSA report / wound investigation for patient
  • Does the Trust use generic or individual passwords to access major systems?

July 2005

  • Implementation of NHS Care Record Service at the Trust
  • Copies of Public Health Report, Business Plan, Clinical Governance Report
  • Do you have software to track DPA / FOI / EIR?
  • Business improvement programmes at th Trust and methodology used
  • Copy of winning tender for two-storey modular ward block and scoring matrix
  • Questions relating to the impact of Agenda for Change
  • Make and model of any car available for Chief Executive's personal use
  • Questionnaire relating to catering, cleaning and portering operations


August 2005

  • Questionnaire relating to corporate information, targets and budgets
  • Questionnaire relating to urine collection and contamination 
  • Trust expenditure on external executive coaching services (2004/05)
  • Total  value for each participating company in tender

September 2005

  • Emergency and Intensive Care facilities at Ashford Hospital (post reconfiguration)
  • Copy of Annual Report 2004/05
  • Questionnaire relating to bed occupancy and theatre cancellations
  • Copy of Trust's Infection Prevention and Control annual report

October 2005

  • Copies of photographs of MRSA
  • Breakdown of bad debt written off for the past five years

November 2005

  • Estimated total number of MRSA cases diagnosed (past five years)
  • Estimated total number of MRSA-connected deaths (past five years)
  • Estimated total year end deficit (and any services cut as a result)
  • % of emergency admissions from (west) Hounslow with COPD

December 2005

  • Names of patients who died with no next of kin (including size of estate)
  • Further information on corneal transplants