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Questions asked in 2006

January 2006

  • Umbilical cord blood storage on behalf of patients
  • Details of contracts that are greater than one year in duration
  • Average length of stay for hip and knee replacement
  • Details of all companies that supply goods and services to the Trust
  • Locations of taxi freephone installations on the premises
  • How many people work in and for St. Peter's Hospital and what are their jobs?

February 2006

  • Cost of breast imaging procedures if done privately

March 2006

  • Number of employees in Trust and the % working in high cost areas (annex H)
  • Copy of the structure chart of the Finance department
  • Expenditure on agency nursing staff (2004/05)
  • How many staff work at the hospital and in which departments
  • Copy of the management infrastructure of the IT department
  • Expenditure on transporting staff and patients in taxis (since 2000)
  • How many beds were lost to "bed blocking" (2004/05) and estimate for next year
  • Copy of self declaration for the annual health check
  • Information relating to staff working in infection control including committee members

April 2006

  • The number of missed appointments and estimated cost (2004/05 and 2005/06)
  • Postcodes of employees working at Ashford Hospital (to map bus routes)
  • Details of VAT services contract
  • Questions relating to the recording of more than one department in a patient complaint
  • Statistics for perinatal, neonatal and infant mortality rates
  • Why does the HTS patients' telephone / TV service no longer work?

May 2006

  • How many patients have had gastric band and stomach stapling operations (2005/06)?
  • How many patients were scanned by MRI (2005/06) and waiting times?
  • Number of A&E attendances in 2005/06 and those that arrived via ambulance
  • Copy of Trust's self declaration for the annual health check
  • Do any of the hospitals provide a service for Multiple Sclerosis?
  • Total value of bills for patients not entitled to free treatment (2005/06)
  • Number of doctors, nurses and AHPs who are currently suspended from work
  • Pre and post Agenda for Change grading for information quality postions

June 2006

  • Copy of structure chart of the procurement and contracts management departments
  • Questionnaire on ICT department and services
  • Details of person responsible for data and information security
  • Details of financial deficit 2005/06 and turnaround consultants
  • How many investigations have been made due to missing confidential documents?

July 2006

  • Total value of bills paid (and unpaid) for treatment in last financial year
  • Have you failed to pay any PAYE income tax and other contributions in last year?
  • How many items of hospital property have the public failed to return (2005/06)?
  • Number of cancelled operations (last four financial years) and reason

August 2006

  • Expenditure on private / independent management consultants (last two years)
  • Products supplied by Plus Orthopaedics UK (re: bone allograft)
  • Number of positive Clostridium Difficile tests (last three years)
  • Are all womn diagnosed with breast cancer routinely tested for HER2?
  • Expiry date of the current catering and domestic servives contract
  • How many patients aged 25-35 were admitted with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)?
  • Expenditure on management, turnaround and financial consultants (since 2002/03)
  • Details of any works of art acquired since September 2004
  • Incidents regarding patient confidentiality (near misses)
  • Copies of corporate documents (reports, plans and strategies)
  • Population size and geographic size of the hospital catchment areas (with type 1 A&E)
  • Average waiting time for a first digital hearing aid (2004/05 and 2005/06)
  • Items reported stolen from St. Peter's Hospital (last three years)
  • How many assaults on hospital staff were reported to the police (last three years)
  • Total number of sick days from each hospital department (last year)
  • Who is the Trust's new turnaround director and how long is their employment?

September 2006

  • Number of serious untoward incidents (SUIs) recorded in last year
  • What % of agency nursing expenditure was from NHS professionals or other agencies
  • Details of new Chief Executive if the post has changed in last year
  • Copy of the Trust's discharge policy
  • Is the Trust developing a new Strategic Direction document and Business Plan?
  • Number of patients from Chobham who visited the Trust (2003 to 2006)
  • Details of management of subject access requests
  • Copy of IT plan or strategy for future investments
  • Correspondence concerning any unplanned blood releases from Aquarius device

October 2006

  • How many issues of Aspire magazine circulated in 12-month period?
  • Regulations and procedures for admissions to theatres, wards and day surgery
  • Total bill for treating foreign nationals (2003/04 to 2005/06) and unpaid amounts
  • ICT contact information (hardware, software, support, networks, outsourcing)
  • Expenditure on private agency nursing and doctors (and hours worked)
  • Number of dynamic hip screw, Thompson Austin Moore, IM nails procedures
  • Copy of annual report and accounts (2005/06)
  • Hazards associated with intravenous (IV) therapy
  • Copy of annual accounts (for last seven years)

November 2006

  • Annual salary awarded to Chief Executive, Director of Finance and HR Director
  • Is there a policy for the collection of stem cells from umbilical cord blood at childbirth?
  • Number and details of cases of Clostridium Difficile (in last three years)
  • How many hours have you been on black alert (in last year)?
  • Current waiting time for a stoma reversal

December 2006

  • How many posts have been frozen in the last five years (and what were they)?
  • Number of serious untoward incidents (SUIs) in last year
  • How many patients have been dead on arrival at St. Peter's since closure of Ashford A&E?
  • How many operating theatres do you have within your Trust? How many outbreak reports?
  • Details of MRI installations