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Questions asked in 2007

January 2007

  • Copy the Trust's eligibility criteria for booking patient transport
  • How many seriously ill patients have been transferred from St. Peter's to St. George's?
  • Details of the composition of the hospital formulary committee
  • Copy of the risk assessment prepared for off-site hospital car park
  • Transplants performed by residency status

February 2007

  • Copy of the organisational structure of the IT department
  • Top five longest waits recorded in 2005/06 for an outpatient appointment at Ashford
  • Expenditure of turnaround consultants (and projected spend and saving expected)
  • Copy of a picture of the hospital
  • Copy of the Trust policy on the provision of patient transport

March 2007

  • Number of complaints, clinical incidents and near misses relating to maternity
  • Copy of the policy for the care of individuals who are violent or abusive
  • Copy of guidance relating to the prescribing of PEP following exposure to HIV
  • Number of admissions to neonatal unit (Q1 and Q2 2006/07)
  • Number of admissions at 27 weeks and under (Q1 and Q2 2006/07)
  • Number of admissions by weight (Q1 and Q2 2006/07)
  • How many full time equivalent (FTEs) neonatal nurses were employed 2005 and 2006?
  • How many full time equivalent neonatal consultants were employed 2005 and 2006?
  • As a % of BAPM standards, what were the neonatal nursing levels 2005 and 2006?
  • How many in-utero and ex-utero transfers out of hospital (Q1 and Q2 2006/07)?
  • How many babies were transferred out for surgery, repatriation, non clinical reasons?
  • How many babies were transferred in for surgery, repatriation, non clinical reasons?
  • What was the neonatal unit occupancy rate for each month (2005 and 2006)?
  • For how many days was the neonatal unit closed (Q1 and Q2 2006/07)?
  • How many intensive care cot days were provided by the neonatal unit (2005 and 2006)?

April 2007

  • Copy of the latest clinical / medical policy for identifying patients with C Difficile
  • Number of patients diagnosed with C Difficile by age, gender and ward / specialty
  • Number of patient deaths from C Difficile by age, gender and ward / specialty
  • How soon after hospital diagnosis of C Diff are patients treated with medication / antibiotics?
  • Details of the advice provided by nursing staff to the family / friends of patient with C Diff
  • Copy of staff training materials on the subject of C Diff and training attendance rates
  • Details of all non-medical use of MRI and CT scanners (2006 to date)
  • Copy of the ICT strategy and organisation chart for the ICT department
  • Does your Trust have written guidelines to prevent and manage C Diff cases?
  • How many patients died as a result of C Diff and the % of Trust's mortality rate (last two years)?
  • For how many hours was your maternity unit closed to admissions (last five years)?
  • For how many hours was your home birth service suspended (last five years)?
  • Have you reduced, cut or suspended parentcraft education classes (last three years)?
  • Have you reduced, suspended of cut postnatal visits in the community (last three years)?
  • How many complaints relating to maternity care received (in last five years)?
  • Key contacts for mailing of National Patient Safety Agency reports
  • How many pieces do you wash per year and details of any outsourced laundry services?

May 2007

  • Details of companies that have provided products and services (last few years)
  • Number of assaults reported on NHS staff employed by the Trust (since May 1997)
  • Details of clinical negligence claims currently lodged against the maternity unit
  • Does the Trust have a fast food chain on its premises?
  • Details of all the incidences where a person has been admitted with self-harm injuries to A&E

June 2007

  • Questionnaire relating to food and nutrition
  • Copy of Annual Health Check 2007, Business Plan 2007, Annual Report 2005/06
  • Key contacts in pharmacy, oncology managers and DTC members
  • Total cost of demolishing old hutted wards at Ashford Hospital and building the new hospital
  • What are the basic grades of becoming an assistant in pathology
  • Questions relating to previous FOI request on MRI installation
  • Questions relating to wheelchair services
  • How many patients were diagnosed with S. aureus / MRSA bacteaemia / septicaemia?
  • How many complaints were made to the Police due to alleged criminal behaviour?

July 2007

  • How many patients were treated as inpatients for macular degeneration (since 1997)?
  • Details of advertising contracts in A&E and outpatients as well as income raised
  • Copy of the Trust Business Plan 2007/08
  • Questionnaire regarding Hospital Chaplaincy
  • How many needlestick injuries have been recorded (past five years)?
  • Expenditure on hardware, software, telephony, IMT support services (2006/07)
  • Total annual budget for patient food (last three years) and estimated average price

August 2007

  • Copies of public board papers and emails relating to potential merger with Frimley Park
  • How many cases of venous thromboembolism (VTE) (in last three years)?
  • Details of the number of bariatric fridges, trolleys and beds supplied for obese patients
  • The number of complaints relating to the maternity unit (2006/07)
  • Questionnaire relating to recruitment issues facing newly qualified nurses
  • Number of all alcohol related admissions to the A&E and casualty wards (from Sept 2005)
  • Who currently provides your non-emergency patient transport?
  • The number of abortions carried out at the Trust, dates and weeks pregnant of the patient
  • What is the bed capacity for the Labour and Joan Booker wards?
  • Copy of the private patient price list
  • Details of volunteer work in the hospital (clinical areas)
  • Copy of the medical history of a deceased patient
  • Copy of health records of patients under the care of Abraham Cowley Unit clinician
  • Overall interest payments on leases (operating and finance) (2004/05 to 2006/07)
  • Questions about MRSA, screening and isolation facilities
  • Did the Trust take part in the DoH study on the implementation of Overseas Visitor charging?

September 2007

  • How many complaints have been made by patients and visitors (last three years)?
  • Name of the head or deputy head of estates
  • Copies of all job adverts with a salary £25k for new positions with no patient contact involved
  • Total number of admissions in 2006 and details of a Care of the Elderly doctor's case load

October 2007

  • What has been the income to the Trust from parking fees charged to staff / non-staff?
  • Number of cases of MRSA and C Diff treated (last five years) plus ward square footage
  • Questions relating to weight management, obesity and nutrition referral schemes
  • Total number of non-commercial R&D projects, research publications and external R&D funding
  • How much does Norwich Union pay the NHS for using facilities at Ashford Hospital?

November 2007

  • Full details of all lettings to mobile telecommunications operators
  • Number of successful vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC) at the hospitals
  • Does your organisation use a balanced scorecard as a management tool?
  • Copy of the 2005/06 annual report and accounts
  • Copy of the annual remuneration information
  • Copies of all written documents for named tender
  • Copy of the organisational chart for the IT department

December 2007

  • Copy of the policy on decontamination of equipment before service or repair
  • Does your organisation provide childcare vouchers to staff as part of a salary sacrifice scheme
  • How many NHS smartcards has your organisation issued in total?
  • Who runs your CSSD? Is it outsourced or in house?
  • What is the total in unpaid bills owed by foreign nationality patients (2005/06 and 2006/07)
  • Details of how many PR / communications staff are employed as well as their budget
  • The number of positive blood cultures and those for named "superbugs"
  • The AfC pay band for the portering (hotel) services manager